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RPTECH's experts have tremendous amount of industry experience that helps transforms business needs to deliver a comprehensive client solution. Our Industry knowledge and capabilities can help you to streamline the process, improving the operational efficiency and reducing the operational cost by automation.


The construction industry is currently the fastest growing industries in today’s urban world. Both developing and developed parts of the world invest heavily in construction. Growing urban population trends have led experts to believe that this is an industry whose growth would continue exponentially in decades to come.

Business Solutions

At RPTECH we provide focus on the construction industry with custom made ERP solutions and end to end IT infrastructure implementation and management for buildings. RPTECH has partnered with industry giants such as CISCO, HP, IBM to provide best in class IT solutions.
Many of our employees have a background in the IT side of the construction industry and bring with them rich and varied experience of working in projects and with clients from all around the world.

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We have a team of Industry Experts and technological specialists for providing the right solution for your business. Please leave your contact details for our team to assist you.