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RPTECH's experts have tremendous amount of industry experience that helps transforms business needs to deliver a comprehensive client solution. Our Industry knowledge and capabilities can help you to streamline the process, improving the operational efficiency and reducing the operational cost by automation. RPTECH has expertise in the following business areas.


They say health is wealth. We say that in today’s world, the wealth of every healthcare centre lies in technology they use. With a rising population the world is at its most needful hour for better healthcare everywhere. RPTECH helps healthcare corporations to stay on top of their game and create a difference in lives every day.

Business Solutions

Our experts possess various skills and years of experience with the healthcare sector be it hospitals,medical centres, health insurance firms or biotechnology labs. We give tailor made solutions that fit each of these firms. Our ERP team helps large companies manage their corporation better using the latest cutting edge ERP technology available in the market. Our IMS team helps your healthcare corporation with end to end IT networking and support.

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We have a team of Industry Experts and technological specialists for providing the right solution for your healthcare business. Please leave your contact details for our team to assist you.