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Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP)


ERP-SAP is the most established integrated IT system in the world. SAP, leader among ERP systems for more than 30 years, offers the extensive range of functionalities on the market to support businesses in making management decisions.

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems automate internal and external management of information across an entire organization like finance/accounting, manufacturing, sales and service, customer relationship management, etc. with an integrated software application.

Organizations consider the ERP system their backbone and a vital organizational tool because it integrates varied organizational systems, and enables flawless transactions and production.

Benefits of SAP (ERP) Systems

SAP ERP systems are fully integrated business real-time systems. They enable transactions to be processed end-to-end and eliminate data inconsistencies between sub-systems. SAP delivers systems that are modern and highly efficient. Their support infrastructure is unparalleled in the software industry.

Extendibility, flexibility and a possibility of adapting the system to the company specific requirements make it the best ERP solution available on the market, which guarantees a range of unquestionable benefits.

The business benefits of implementing the SAP ERP system which are most often mentioned by its users include:

  • Improved management of the company by ensuring on going control over the utilisation of available resources
  • Management of a group of companies using a single system
  • Enhanced external and internal financial reporting
  • Improved customer service
  • Increased effectiveness of the company’s logistics processes
  • Provides real-time information, reducing the possibility of redundancy errors
  • May create a more efficient work environment for employees


RPTECH provides SAP solutions, understanding the business imperatives over engagements such as Application Operations, which in turn is bifurcated into Greenfield implementations (end-to-end), Maintenance, Integration and Upgrade services. We are a certified partner with SAP MENA, which gives an extensive scope of building a strong business establishment in the respective regions.

RPTECH itself is an SAP ERP Customer as SAP is successfully implemented and running in RPTECH.

ERP Service offerings
RP Techsoft SAP offering
  • Greenfield Implementation
  • RPTECH engages in end-to-end implementation using ASAP methodologies of SAP, which helps in integrating and automating the enterprise, which eventually helps in transforming the entire business processes and functions.

  • Upgrade Services
  • To be on the same page with the Industry expectation and the pace to be alive in the business, SAP systems must be upgraded as and when needed.

  • Rollout Services
  • RPTECH’s team has got a rich experience over International Rollout activities. These Rollout is bound to have a predefined template to make the process ease, which will fetch the customers a quick and cost effective one.

  • Application Support Services
  • RPTECH supports any tough transformations of SAP systems in terms of complex business solutions, exorbitant maintenance cost and other form business challenges during the course of Application Support Services .We provide a transparent SAP Support Service by engaging a universally accepted ticketing tools to handle all type of requests, be it Change Request, Expert Advice, Incidents, etc.

  • Consulting
  • RPTECH realises that the organisation driven by the processes and the tools that helps the processes to align to the business objectives. Hence, we do consulting to make the clients a successful organization by reducing much maintenance cost and less number of incidents occurrences without compromising quality.

  • AMC
  • RPTECH provided AMC Support to customers. After post-go live, we will be providing support and will be incorporating the new requirements as per the present business scenario.

Major targeted areas in ERP-SAP
  • Manufacturing Companies
  • Construction Companies
  • Media & Schools
  • Travel & Tourism
  • Pharma & Healthcare
  • Aerospace
  • Real Estate
  • Education and Retail
  • Oil & gas