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RPTECH's experts have tremendous amount of industry experience that helps transforms business needs to deliver a comprehensive client solution. Our Industry knowledge and capabilities can help you to streamline the process, improving the operational efficiency and reducing the operational cost by automation. RPTECH has expertise in the following business areas.


In this modern world we rely on media at every step of the way. From print media to social networks, from television to live event coverage, we are all hooked to media every minute of our lives in the 21st century. This makes media one of the most powerful and most lucrative of businesses.

Business Solutions

RPTECH provides tailor made IT solutions for the media industry especially in the ERP division that makes it easier for media companies at any level to manage their changing needs with speed and efficiency. Our comprehensive ERP Solutions covers all main operations in a media company such as customer management, purchase and supplier management, sales management, cost management, human capital management and accounting management etc.

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