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Public Sector

RPTECH's experts have tremendous amount of industry experience that helps transforms business needs to deliver a comprehensive client solution. Our Industry knowledge and capabilities can help you to streamline the process, improving the operational efficiency and reducing the operational cost by automation. RPTECH has expertise in the following business areas.


The rapid pace at which social, political and technology changes happen has woken up all public sector functions to be more business savvy, citizen friendly and smart. There exist a lot of challenges in getting public sector to adapt swiftly to technology changes. Public sector organizations in many countries have put technology to good use in improving on their delivery of services. Public sector modernisation also leads to transparency, increased information to the public and helps reduce bureaucracy.

Business Solutions

RPTECH has been lucky to support some public sector projects with all of its three key competencies: IT infrastructure, GIS and ERP areas. We at RPTECH understand the challenges that public sector companies face at every turn and also helps them to adopt new business models and transform their services to the public using innovative IT solutions.

Some of the public sector projects include work done for the police, public sector IT department, Wildlife sanctuaries, educational institutions etc.

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