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RPTECH's experts have tremendous amount of industry experience that helps transforms business needs to deliver a comprehensive client solution. Our Industry knowledge and capabilities can help you to streamline the process, improving the operational efficiency and reducing the operational cost by automation. RPTECH has expertise in the following business areas.


Technology parks, smart communities and even smart cities have become a way of hi-tech living for many in the 21st century. The information technology boom has brought tremendous changes in the way we organise our lives and businesses. Over the years several technology parks have arisen in technology expertise rich areas such as Silicon Valley in the US or Bangalore in India making businesses see the benefit of having a centrally controlled and monitored environment where each individual company can function freely and without hassles they would otherwise face if setup alone. This conglomerated way of doing business by individuals in one common area has influenced the real estate market to push people to live in communities that are centrally controlled and monitored. This modern lifestyle has inspired new innovations that automate most of our present day needs and translated modern living into smart living.

Business Solutions

RPTECH with its innovative infrastructure management solutions is destined to be a key player in technology parks and large communities. We provide 24*7 support for IT infrastructure maintenance. We aim at providing solutions that are cost effective and environmental friendly and a lot of thought process goes into the design and development of such solutions. RPTECH also provides enterprise resource planning support for such large scale projects with support and maintenance.

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